Naked Models: Deceptively Real or Really Deceptive

Was the image above “posed”? Since I didn’t take it, I really have no idea. To me, it comes off as a natural, candid, and spontaneous shot. To many people, including myself, those are very favorable traits for a picture to possess.

However, photography is a deceptive medium. It’s impossible for a viewer to know if this photograph was posed or not.

I certainly agree that the natural look of this shot is appealing. However, it’s impossible to know whether this shot was taken in a spontaneous manner or if the model is simply someone who possesses an ability to portray “naturalness.”

Ultimately, does it matter? In my opinion, no. I think it’s a good shot (no matter how it was obtained).

In my work, I’ve found that I’m most likely to capture images such as this one during the “in-between” times that inevitably occur during shoots. For example, it may happen while I’m making a lighting adjustment and the model uses the short break to simply fall into the most comfortable and natural position possible.

“Natural-looking” pictures like this one can be created in a number of ways. And there’s no doubt that they’re usually quite charming.

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