Adding Mystery To Glamour Images

This picture tells a story. I have absolutely no idea what the story is, but I know it’s there. At least that’s the feeling that the image gives me.

Though it may appear otherwise, a picture like this is not easy to take. The reason for this is that it ignores nearly all the standard touches that glamour and nude photography are known for.

In this image, the model isn’t posing in any traditional sense of the word.

I can imagine someone looking at this image and thinking:


She’s just standing there. Why is the picture so dark? I can’t even really see much of her. What’s the point of it? I just don’t get it.


However, there are things about the picture that make you wonder what’s going on. Things like: Why is she just standing there? Why is the picture so dark? Why can’t you see much of her? What’s the point of it? Why don’t I get it?

To me, this image has a bit of a “crime scene” feel to it (and I mean that in an interestingly positive sense). But what’s the crime? Who’s the victim? We’ll never know. And that makes it even more intriguing.



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