Experimenting With Composition In Nude Photography

Most viewers would agree that this is quite an interesting and unusual photograph.

The location of the model’s face makes good use of “The Rule of Thirds” technique. In addition, the bended leg delivers interesting diagonals to the shot.

However, what’s most interesting about this picture is that every inch of the frame is composed of the model’s body.

If you’re going to do a shot that consists entirely of a model’s body, you’ll likely want to insure that her skin is flawless in the final image. In this case, it is. Whether this flawlessness is real or due to work done in post-production, the result is the same.

Finally, I find the model’s facial expression to be ideal for this picture. There is something very serene and peaceful about her expression; in spite of the fact that the pose could not have been too comfortable to hold for very long.

This unique composition is one I suggest you derive inspiration from.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with your pictures. Without question, this is the quickest way to improve your abilities.


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