Making Your Models Wet: It’s Easier Than You Think

It was only a few years ago that taking a simple nude underwater shot like the one seen here would have been an expensive and frustrating task.

Until fairly recently, the protective cases that allowed photographers to shoot underwater were cumbersome and a huge hassle to use. These cases could turn a basic 35mm SLR into a contraption the size of a shoebox.

However, today there are convenient underwater cases for virtually all brands and types of cameras (and for phones as well).

Now that the technical factors required for underwater nude photography have been reasonably dealt with, photographers are free to devote their energies to shooting creative, high-quality images.

In addition to casual shots like the one seen here, shooting underwater gives you the chance to take elegant and beautiful glamour photographs that would be impossible to pull off on dry land (check out for some great examples).

However, better cases alone don’t make taking great underwater shots a simple task. You’ll quickly discover that shooting underwater adds an entirely new set of variables to the photographic process.

For example, if you go the low-tech route, it’ll take some time for you and your model to get the necessary timing down. The two of you will have to coordinate your time underwater in order to give you the best opportunity to capture good shots.

Scuba gear can be very helpful for the serious underwater shooter; allowing the photographer to stay underwater for long amounts of time (however, I must admit that my nude shoots have definitely been on the low-tech side of things).

One warning: If you’ve never before attempted to shoot glamour images underwater, be prepared to take a lot of pictures. The ratio of total shots to good shots can be very disappointing if you’re not prepared for it.

While shooting glamour and nude underwater shots may not be something you’ll end up devoting much time or effort to, it’s definitely worth trying at least once.

Just enough to get your feet wet.


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The Best iPhone Tripod Adapter

I recently stumbled upon a nifty little gadget that you might find very useful. And on an unrelated note, I just achieved my lifelong dream of using the phrase “nifty little gadget” in a sentence.

And what is this nifty little gadget?

Hold your horses. Cool your jets. I’ll get to it. But first things first.

Though it’s still hard for me to believe, phones today can take extremely sharp, high-quality images.

While it’s certainly true they have definite creative limitations (no ability to control aperture or shutter speed, for example), they’re still pretty remarkable.

In fact, there may be times when you’ll want to use your phone to create an image beyond just a “snapshot.” And when that time arrives, the use of a tripod may be in order. After all, phones are susceptible to camera shake too.

You’re probably already aware that there’s an abundance of little tripods made specifically for phones. While these tiny tripods possess a high cuteness factor, their practicality is questionable.

This is where this nifty little gadget comes into play:

The Gary Fong Tripod Adapter for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS

The beauty of the Gary Fong Tripod Adapter is that it lets you easily mount your iPhone to your regular tripod and allows you to take stable shots until your fingers start to bleed (or until you’re done, whichever comes first).

It’s so simple and so ingeniously designed, you’ll wonder how you didn’t think of it yourself.

Check out what Wired Magazine has to say about the Gary Fong Tripod Adapter:

“…despite its basic design and almost complete lack of fancifying, it could be the most practical iPhone tripod mount we’ve seen. There is no need for suction cups, permanently-attached stick-on adapters or even damage-inviting dock-connectors. You simply slip the iPhone in when you need to take a steady picture. Easy…”

Would the good folks at Wired Magazine lie to you? Perhaps. But in this case, they’re right on the money.

If you’re interested, head over to and take a look (my detective instincts tell me there may be someone named Gary Fong involved in the operation).

(Note: I have absolutely no financial interest in this product. Even if the company sold a million units simply because of this post, I wouldn’t receive a dime. Which is pretty sad now that I think about it).


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