How To Shoot Nude & Glamour Close-up Pictures

No matter what style of photography you’re interested in, there will be times when you’ll want to experiment with shooting close-ups (it’s up to you to define how close is close).

When you hear the word, “Close-up,” it’s quite possible your first thought is a close-up of a face (since that’s how it’s usually used in the film industry). However, with nude photography, the overwhelming majority of close-ups are of specific areas of the body.

Whether you’re shooting glamour, nude, or erotic images, close-ups play a significant role in these styles of photography.

If you’re interested in profiting from your work in the field of “adult-oriented” photography, it’s important to know that you will have to take a variety of genitalia close-ups (or, as their known in the industry, “Spread shots”).

However, if you’re not shooting for commercial purposes, your close-ups don’t have to be explicit or graphic in any way. The image that appears here is a great example of a creative and well executed close-up. It features an interesting and unique point-of-view; one that many photographers wouldn’t have noticed.

You’ll quickly discover that finding new and interesting ways to shoot close-ups of women’s bodies is not an easy task. However, as jobs or hobbies go, it’s not a bad way to pass the time.

I suggest you use the image seen here as both inspiration and as an example of what can be created with some thought and imagination.



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